Letra da música Zodd. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de HAARPER.

Leave ya skeleton on the pavement
Concrete jungle fleet from the basement
Coverin my tracks runnin through ya bases
When I set it off you gon end up baseless
Its a concrete jungle and I brought my squad
We so automatic dont got time to talk
Ima yautja let me browse through da fog
My beam goin triple
Make em jump like a frog

This my medicine, like Edison
Ima get you grounded down by sediment
Take off like Zodd, Balrogg
Its evident you are at a loss, I hear impediments
If you so grown then tell me why you stutter
Its been shown you a bitch from the gutter
Got the chrome on my wrist its a stunner
Im at home with yo bitch closin shudders

5150 off the rocker
I be goin crazy with the fuckin chopper
They gon try to play it like I made an offer
There aint no offer, aint no option you a goner
5150 let my mind go drift
Body takin over gonna break ya like a brick
Goin Jet Li, gon smoke ya like a spliff
Talk all that shit and get ripped

Im about to go snap about to go locomotive
Gon pulverize like a tauren with the totem