Wanted – Blanco

Letra da música Wanted. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Blanco.

Thinking out loud, I been smoking loud
Cups in the air while I sing for the crowd
Reach for the stars told my girl I’m leaving town
But this is everything that I ever wanted
Loco, I been acting crazy
Ask me how I’m doing, I’mma tell you I’m amazing
I ain’t with the snakes, talking bout me doesn’t phase me
I been on the run from myself I ain’t playing

Check the diamonds on my wrist
Everytime I look at them I know my life is bliss
Pop pills like its candy, I ain’t talkin M&M’s
She ain’t love me back then, now she askin for a pic
I guess this is how it is, how it feels to be wanted
And she callin my phone,
I just wanna tell her leave me alone,
When I’m off the drugs that’s when I’m in the zone
That’s when I’m gone

I feel like I’m in the matrix
Started out with nothing now they acting like I made it
I aint Forrest Gump but I been running to the bag
And they gon try to steal my flow because they know
I am the greatest
I swear to god I don’t got nothing left to prove
All my friends are dead, yeah I been thumbing through the blues
I know I’m on top and I know I will never lose
I don’t got nothing left for me to lose