Wake Up With You – Bruno Martini, Becky Hill, Magnificence

Letra da música Wake Up With You. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Bruno Martini, Becky Hill, Magnificence.

Rather die than
Fill the silence
With you

Hold on tight when
We lose sight of
Our youth

Call us dreamers
But it’s faith that we never can lose

Oh I see it
See a future
With you

And I don’t wanna hide away anymore
I’ll give you a love that’s forever yours
Im ready now to give you all of my heart
Promise me we’ll never fall apart

Why would I wanna run through the night
When I only wanna wake up with you
I don’t wanna fall any further
But there’s only one thing for me to do

No there’s no stopping me
Yeah im falling in deep
And it’s time that I tell you the truth

That I don’t wanna run through the night
Coz I only wanna wake up with you
With you
With you

I’ve been obsessed
By the prospect
Of us

Hold my hands up
And I confess
The truth

We’ll be spending
The rest of our lives as one

Oh I see it
See our future has begun