Versatile 3 – Kodak Black

Letra da Música Versatile 3. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Kodak Black.

[Intro](Peso P got that work)
(100% Juice)

[Verse 1]Uh, Kodak bought a Wraith, say lil Kodak bought a Wraith
And I keep the best Molly comin’ outer space
Scat Pack orray, I paint it matte black today
And I got the freshest cars in the USA, uh
Tesla painted grape, I only drive it Saturday
In your natural state, you look better by the way
Hip hip hooray, I bought a sick whip today
Bust down Patek face, you think I’m playin patty cake
Cutlass sitting high, my other cutlass sitting higher
Niggas wanna die, I’m sending hits all through the wire
Trap swinging hard, yet we need more
Hurry up and order, ain’t no posting by my door, uh
Booming on my porch, booming on my mama porch, uh
SniperGang boys, making noise, uh
I got hella toys, but I ain’t no lil boy, uh
Baby blue coupe, for my boo in Illinois
I hate my baby mama, but she still gon’ drive the Porsche
[?], but shе can’t drive no damn accord
Pulling out the foreigns, whilе I’m going
My bitch look like Lauren, got four wheelers in the storage

[Chorus]I can’t stall, I been raw like this, since a baby
I’m gon’ always go hard like this, I ain’t gay boy, get off my dick
Gucci shades with a all white fit, Gucci fragrance, ayy
I can’t stall, I been raw like this this, since a baby
I’m gon’ always go hard like this, I ain’t gay boy get off my dick
Gucci shades with a all white fit, I’m the greatest, ayy

[Verse 2]I buy you every color diamond earrings, since you came here
I’m a big ole Z like I’m Zimbabwe, ayyy yeah
I’m in the club I’m doing my Z dance
They parked the car right here, let me jump out with this tree branch, yeah
She gon’ make love to the dick, she be like uh
She be like yum yum, baby say hmm on the tip
Baby say hmmm, baby say uhhh uhhhh
Ayy, do take care of your sack, cause baby I like to hunch
And do you wipe front to back, or do you wipe back to front?
Dice game make a nigga co-oh

[Interlude]Man I swear ion be planning this shit
This shit just be happen like that dawg
So fuck it, this a Versatile 3, loop the beat

[Verse 3]Milk a nigga, break a Nigga fast, that ain’t Captain Crunch
That ain’t no cap, I’m fitted
Nigga them racks look skinny, who the hell you niggas be killing?
Where the hell y’all niggas be posted?
I just hit a lick, I’m copeless
They gon’ hate you, being yourself
They want the cards that you was dealt
They see my ice they wish it melt, give me a demo of that meth
Give me a sample of the meth, I tried it and I liked it
Locked up in that cell, got me, yeah
Gave me a sample of that meth, yea I tried it and I liked it
Locked up in that cell, got me wondering where my life went
I’m livin’ on a prayer, the only thing that get me there, mmm
It’s like I’m chasing after death, me and my niggas, we be sniping
Knew you wasn’t real, got me feeling like I’m psychic
You love me but how well, this shit be hard for me to tell, un-huh
I’m blowing KK in the air, ayy, that shit be hard for me to smell mmm
Got all these VV’s in my ear, that shit be hard for me to hear
I stay surrounded by the goons, Johnny Monsoon
Can’t be runnin’ round screwin’, Johnny Monsoon
I need another mushroom, Johnny Monsoon
I feel like blood is on the moon, Johnny Monsoon
I think I’m Johnny Monsoon, can’t be callin’ so soon, Johnny Monsoon
You can’t be callin’ me this late, I’m sleep, Johnny Monsoon
I party seven freakin’ days a week, Johnny Monsoon
Tonight the party’s at the rave, I don’t like my women under eight
Free all my dawgs, they in the gang, ayy
Let em know I’m from Broward and don’t say Dade
Baby want me to go back to my phase
She miss that throwback Kodak wave
Was just a lil shooter, ain’t have no future
But I can’t go back to them days
Versatile three, wait till you hear eight
Rari’ paper plate, told my dawg we gon’ be straight
Look, [?] be really made it
Rich nigga shit, it really done took off
I’m glad I didn’t stick to football
I’m glad I’m still ain’t stuck in the back of the projects, playin’ the lookout
We was just youngin’s, me and youngin’
Remember everything it took y’all
I kept rappin’, I made it happen
I be a bitch nigga if I shook y’all