Triple Double – KOTH

Letra da música Triple Double. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de KOTH.

I’d tell em catch up but it ain’t worth trying /Na
With one of my closets shit I coulda bought me a Porsche cayenne /haha
Ain’t worth lying shit the truth the greatest story told/
A risk taker I acquired my finances bold
You never know what ya don’t go take the chance to try
I wasn’t full of my piece I needed extra pie
So I chose the streets over sheets when they would catch my eye
@ Times so deep in the game that I was depth defied deep
You copping 5 then I gotta show some extra love
You copping 9s our relationship is sure to bud
Sure I thug my approach just more sofisficafed
The way I’m smoking joints you woulda swore my shit was dislocated
At times I’m hated I negate it as just good promotion
White off head to toe I’m one w the ocean
That’s a wave that your wife I’m her bae
It’s trife but that’s just part of how life is these days

I got ten on my neck 20 on my wrist
Denim by amiri I look like a walking lik
Something in my cup my line blowing up
A disregard for commas I’m fucking my commas up

Desert camos like I’m Rambo I ain’t wearing ammo
Concord 11s on my feet looking like pianos
Might dismantle like sopranos n leave w a Danzel
Just to lead w example either or know it’s handled
I’m like a candle I’m lit they call me John wick
And I ain’t got no ties to Akon I’m just a konvict
Shit atleast I’m in the game you just ride bench
You tried to strattle both sides but gotta choose a fence
I got a bad one from Minnesota she call em prince
Just booked a trip to Atlanta based off a wings n strips
Taken chance w the flip is in my manuscript
Dealing w some things that you couldn’t comprehend or get
You pander pimp I’m grand w it Atlantic brisk
Had a plan for this then spoke it into exist
Hustle like a tick got something I need to get off
New sky dweller froze pieces smoking on biscoff