Temperature – Hong Ju Hyun KPOP

Letra da música Temperature. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Hong Ju Hyun.

Taking the first step in the snow that has been piled up for a long night
Looking back, I’ve already come this much
Countless times the harsh days and reckless nights
You who filled my thirsty dream endlessly
Flowers in this season

The temperature of the wind and the temperature of the heart
Is it so different
Tears come when I’m with you

In this spinning star, we don’t miss each other
I hope I will not cover the wounds that became afterimages of the past
The warmth that fills my hands in the cold air
Fill this white ground so you won’t be lonely
Like spring has come

The temperature of the world and our temperature
Is it so different
When I’m with you, I keep tears

Tomorrow was afraid every day
Now it’s becoming a warmer day
A tree in the wilderness forms a forest
Hold each other and protect this love

You are hot on the cold ground
It must have opened my frozen heart