Tell Me, Mama – T. Guy

Letra da música Tell Me, Mama. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de T. Guy.

You have got me eyeing
And I know you have eyes for me too
There is no resisting the plans
That I have made for us two

I’ll leave my woman
And you leave your man
Don’t waste time explaining
They’ll never understand—
Why don’t we get together?
Girl, it’s time we made our move

Tell me, tell me, mama
What am I supposed to do?
Now I’ve got her crying
And you say that you won’t follow through

I know you weren’t lying
When you told me you wanted to
Now I’ve lost my good thing
All on account of you

Mending all the pieces
Cleaning up the mess you made
Crawling my way back to her arms
Is the price I will pay
But if you called me baby,
Called me on the phone
Know that I’d come running
Running just to get you alone

Tell me, tell me, mama
What am I supposed to do?
You tell me you’ve decided
And this time we will both see it through
I know you can’t be lying
When you tell me you want it too
Now, tell me, tell me, mama
What is it we’re gonna do?