Sugar – Saucy Dog

Letra da música Sugar. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Saucy Dog.

yesterday of the fight you still have Kana angry
is known I’m not a good reason When the time is resolved

to the same story enough to get tired of apologizing repeatedly
Yes much to easy I restored such Yo not Ka

it’s too late at that time Futari
already noticed’m had
to crap to be had just next to

how good was to do if the
remains invisible to answer
“is a little while ago I’m sorry”
Nante word ‘s do I not allowed to
also pass each other or

even fights of that day It ended before I knew it, but by the way,
did that solve it?
The trivial things seemed to feel was

he such that keep pace there is often much that can stand Ira not aligned
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I want each other laugh What Do I mind-boggling Once out counting

of being together Don’t hold me alone,
I want you to talk to me, not someone else By the time the
morning comes, come back, don’t
worry, Baby

, let me say it in words,
forgive me for being clumsy Te
have just always annoy
I’m sorry I’m sorry

Nante’s “lie like happy”
How I do not know tell
but still I wonder if the Do to you also good if so

, also incredibly commonplace of the passing each other
just begun which two did wrong
I alignment answer has become after many years
I will be in Futari