Sides Of Me – Masego

Letra da música Sides Of Me. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Masego.

Sides of Me
Went on one date
Started talking for a month
Mad consistent
I was mad resistant
To the friendship
When I only came for them hips
I don’t stick around much
I don’t stay in town much
Be about it.
(If) you ain’t bout it
(You) Gotta go
That’s what she said to me
Feel like penitentiary
Locked up, won’t let me out
If I don’t get up outta
I think I’m dying here
I think I’m about to see a
Side of me
That you ain’t trying to see.
I’m not trying to see.
Those sides of me.
If I keep this up know ima end up alone
I don’t even want another 10 in my phone
Way too many pretty women
Leave me alone
Lock me in the studio and
Write me a song.
I’m not trying to see
Those sides of me