Shadow – Icon For Hire

Shadow – Icon For Hire (Letra e Música para Ouvir)

Life’s a little brutal
A little bit beautiful
I don’t think I understand it at all
Take the lure of the quick pharmaceuticals
I don’t think we understand it all
Heard it said there’s a shadow self in my head
Part of me I don’t wanna show
At my limit and I hate to admit it
Sometimes I just wanna let go
We all got a dark side, we all try to hide
Sweep under the carpet like it’s not alive
We all got our reasons, what we keep inside
Dark side, dark side
I’m gonna drag my shadow into the light
I’m gonna let my monsters eat me alive
I’m one confession from nothing to hide
I’m gonna show my shadow, my shadow
You’re gonna love me ugly or not at all
This is the worst part of me I’ll ever show
But then I guess I’ll die being finally known
I’m gonna show my shadow, my shadow
I’ve been keeping a part of me underneath and
Hoping it don’t kill me below
In the open, let them all see me broken
Judge me all you want but you know
Subconscious, suppressed causes
Honest, what’s your diagnonsense?
It’s a battle to unravel
So afraid of your own shadow
I’m gonna face the invisible parts
You’re gonna see every last little scar
I’m gonna show you every inch of my heart
I’m gonna show my shadow, my shadow

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