Roman Empire – Missio

Letra da música Roman Empire. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Missio.

You didn’t question all your motives when you thought that this was highly beneficial for me.
You then in turn began to think that it was cute to rub my face in all these made up stories.

Roman Empire is what you are.
Roman Empire is who you are.
You’re an empire.
Darkest of empires.
The Roman Empire.

You’re building cities on the backs of all the people working hard to build a home with memories.
This moral ground you think you own is frankly dangerous when you’re ripping kids away from what they need.

What if God’s not real and everything we are is just a moment here where we’re only growing older?
What if God is real and everything I’ve done pushed me down this path and it’s only growing colder?