Poverty – Brandon ThaKidd

Letra da música Poverty. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Brandon ThaKidd.

Fake niggas that shit never bothered me
If i’m broke then we all live in poverty
Same niggas i’m with never doubted me
Fuck these bitches they only just bother me
We got money but let’s do a robbery
Never missing boy I keep that dot on me
Fuck trust I always keep a thot on me
Don’t forget that that gang shit apart

aye after dark
We creep like we underwater these bullets bite hard than a fucking shark
Double v with the s get you swimmed like we on fucking Noah’s ark
Remember back then I ain’t have no tv, I was writing lyrics, just drawing art
Used to act up would get my ass beat and would get kicked out of the house after dark
Nahh niggas don’t know how it feel
They say I owe then when I get me a mil
Ima move I ain’t dumb
Ima get me a house in the hills i ain’t trynna get killed
Told my doctor I’m way under stressed, they ain’t prescription but I’m popping em still
hit the blunt know I’m too gassed up I’m fucked I’m stuck I’m still
remember we was in a chevy
can’t tote no mo’ sticks my glocks getting heavy
Ain’t changing on gang, shout out to shelly
6 shot through his abs and his belly
it’s hot in the whip I ain’t talking no Nelly
mind on my murder no Melly
fuck every anyone that didn’t help me
nobody hit up my celly

burnout, demon
scat pack bitch I’m speeding
Back back or be bleeding
They tried to kick me back out I was leaving
I treat you good but that shit was treason
Now i just flex on these hoes for no reason
2 double cups that’s enough i be leaning
hit a lick ran off like we leaving
bitch that’s the gun not the demon
but on her face like i’m topping the season
you was just cuz’ now yo ass bleedin’
niggas be switching up, just like 4 season
when we catch a op he get beating, spend the block one mo time till he leaking

i’m still asking good what’s my reason, haven’t got a answer i guess he just dreaming

they say they fuck wit you they don’t

only hit you up whenever they want

know my rights from my wrongs but they don’t

i’m thinking they care when they really don’t

nobody helped me out with shit, i had to get this shit on my own

bullets gon go through his bone

might send up to his dome