Over Again – Hope City Worship

Letra da música Over Again. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Hope City Worship.

I would be broken
Without your goodness
Bound up in sorrows
Without your grace
I would be blinded
Without your mercy
Bound up in sin
But you pull me in
Over again

You keep on calling me closer
to your heart
Pulling me deeper in your love
Making my heart beat again
You keep on trading my weakness for your strength
Fighting my battles when I can’t
Calling me closer again
Over and over again

Over and over again

I was indebted
Headed for judgement
Offered you nothing
Still you called me friend
Now I stand in wonder
In the light of your kindness
I’m Free from all sin
I’m singing amen
Over again

Now faithful You will always be
Your steady hand delivers me
I’m covered in Your victory
Cause of you I’m finally free