Onna Come Up – Lil Eazzyy

Letra da música Onna Come Up. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Lil Eazzyy.

In this bitch still cappin’ with Dan, on bro
Go, go, go
Right now onna come up (the come up)
Lately been talkin’ my shit because I know I come from the gutters (the gutter)
Send shots at ya brother (ya brother)
Then I go pop out in all of this linen like I was a baller (huh?)
How can you hate me? I’m comin’ from under (huh?)
Nowhere to sleep, what the fuck is a cover? (Ay)
Now I pop out in Balenci’s, they runners
Man, tell ’em, “Stop tweakin'” I already fucked her (stupid)
I was down bad, no one to the dollar
Was servin’ the fiends, lettin’ the Xannies dissolve (dissolve)
If I gotta problem, I’m makin’ one call (one call)
Won’t none of yo’ niggas be slidin’ at all (at all)
Lil’ bitch like a oven, I’m packin’ that heat (that heat)
Only get up wit bitches when it’s in the sheets (huh?)
Run to the paper like I’m in a meet
Baby get on yo knees let me give you a treat (ay, ay)
Too much of the Wocky be havin’ me sleep (sleep)
But too much of the percs got me ready to freak (to freak)
Grindin’ for months, I been grindin’ for weeks (weeks)
My uncle told me to just watch for the weak (the weak)
‘Cause they like to sneak (huh?)
Gucci and Prada be havin’ me drippin’ like I was a sink
Man, what did you think? (Ay)
I’m tryna make it, to put some VV’s inside my Cuban Link
Man, why do it sting? (Why?)
Kobe been bringin’ in pounds of Xa
But y’all know that it reek, you niggas not street (I know, ay)
I can hire youngins, that’s thirteen and under
Put you on a tee, and they do it for free (a tee, free)
We was in stakes, we was servin’ the fiends (the fiends)
They all told me to stop poppin’ the beans
Right on a T, almost stealin’ my dreams
I like droppin’ them Xannies inside of my lean (my lean)
Lil Eazzyy been workin’
Keep passin’ yo’ moves, we got them bitches twerkin’ (huh?)
Reese in the cut, and that nigga been lurkin’ (ay, ay, ay)
Can’t see in the track, ’cause we closin’ the curtains (huh?)
Don’t know what I’m feelin’ (huh?)
Seems like the niggas who doubted me most is always in my mentions (my mentions)
You know I ain’t trippin’ (trippin’)
Drop me a check and that boy be away, and my transaction pendin’ (pendin’)
Before the pandemic, my niggas was clickin’ some rentals (rentals)
Can’t wait to hit Johnny to fuck up my dental (my dental)
Blue tips in the 40’ll fuck up his mental (go, go, go)
We put him on TV, like he Jimmy Kimmel
My niggas some refs, we’ll attack like a whistle
Hollows in his flesh and his skin start to sizzle (ay)
You know we erasin’ a nigga like pencils (go, go, go)
Then skrrt out the way, know my niggas get little (little)
But don’t lemme get started
A four on the rocks got me lookin’ retarded (retarded)
Niggas be hatin’, that really be garbage (be garbage)
Go for that paper, some niggas departed
But I never cared, tryna get big and see green everywhere
My niggas on go, why y’all niggas be scared? (Huh?)
Offa the Wocky, get harder to stare
But I’m on my way up, see you when I’m near
Skrrt, ay, see you when I’m near (go, go, go)
Y’all said y’all wanted this shit man