Only You – Koj Xwb, David Yang

Letra da música Only You. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Koj Xwb, David Yang.

koj ua nws yooj yim,
koj ua nws yooj yim rau kuv,
twb yog kuv muaj koj,
lub neej thiaj kajsiab rau kuv,
wb tsis thas hais ntau yuav qhia lub neej rau luag,
vim txoj kev hlub wb tau los luag tej yeej tsis muaj,
thaum kuv lub siab nyob tsis tus yea,
koj ib leeg yog tus los pab yea,
koj yeej tsis muaj lub siab dub babe,
kuv paub i won’t let you down yea,
yog kuv xav tau los koj txhawj yea,
koj ib txwm ua lub neej kaj yea,
saub cos nkauj no los tsis txaus yea,
hais lus los hais yeej tsis tag, yea,
muab koj txhais tes tuav kuv txhais te, es ,es ,es ,es
thaum kuv ua txhaum los koj siab ntev, es,es,es,es
kuv cog lus rau koj mus tom ntej, yeaaa
kuv tsis xav hlub leej twg tsuas xav hlub koj ib leeg xwb,
kuv cog lus tias kuv lub siab yuav tsis muaj qhov nyoos swb,
yog tias lub ntiaj teb muab koj los pub rau kuv,
yuav tua koj ruav, tsis pub koj mus,
ua ntej kuv hnoog ill say that i do,
I don’t wanna love nobody else but only you,
I promise to you that ill never let my heart lose,
if this world is giving you to me,
gonna hold you tight, won’t let you leave,
before I ask you girl ill say that I do.

ill give you all my passion,
ill play the role like im actin
baby its lights camera action,
lovin on you youre my actress,
i love the talkin and laughin,
girl you make me feel so active,
when you hear them talk you a savage,
not afraid to let anyone have it,
we can take our time and I can get you what you neeeed yea,
cus everything, I go through you’re there for meee girl,
cus what they say about you just aint true and we can seee it right through ooh girl, ohhhh, ohh, oohhh
they talkin things that they don’t know oh oh oh oh,
how’d i turn glitter into gold oh oh oh oh,
cus your my life and your my soul,
yuav tua koj ruav, tsis pub koj mus,
ua ntej kuv hnoog ill say that i do,