Mr. PopulaR – Denzel Curry x Keynyata

Letra da música Mr. Popular. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Denzel Curry x Keynyata.

Let me introduce Mr. Popular
I’ma mix the Hypland, BAPE and the Nautica
She gon’ wanna suck that (Oh), since the Monica
And she brought a friend so I gotta call my partner up
Hit my homie Key up, told him bring some weed with him
‘Zel just hit my line and he said he got some fiends with him
I just wanna smoke some trees with him
I just wanna count my cheese with him
Get it on my own, swear to God, I do not need niggas
Call me Cosmic Father, on my momma, ’cause I breed niggas
Me and ‘Zel, we gon’ give ’em hell, make ’em bleed, nigga
Scouter on my eyes, I be high, but I can read niggas
Why you actin’ slow? Guess you one of them negative speed niggas
I be on the go, movin’ like it’s a stampede, nigga
Box a nigga up, call me young Adonis Creed, nigga
Jordans on my feet, I ain’t talkin’ Michael B, nigga (Haha)