Make Love – Jason Mraz

Letra da música Make Love. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Jason Mraz.

Put down the weapons that you use against yourself
You don’t need them anymore
Lay down the weapons that you use against the world
We don’t need another war

My worst crime is an inside job
Dark thoughts taking over like an inside mob
I tune in to the scene between the eyes & take a breath
I sit still & watch the thoughts flow past me
Never mind the future, never mind what the past be
I like to jump & let the Universe catch me
Free fall, watch the beauty blow past me
I keep my pockets light
Destination in sight
I keep my actions elevated to compassionate heights
I’m walking pacified, laying down arms in the night
Choosing love when I pick up this mic (so we can)

Make love. Make love. Not War.
Make love. Make love.

World Peace begins within
In each beat of the heart underneath our skin
Breathe & release the binds you’re holding & free your mind
Step back from the drama & observe it
Draw the energy in & conserve it
Every pain is a lesson for the learning
Mother Nature didn’t make us to be murdering

Find a project to dive in
A book you can write in
A dream you can fly in
A river to cry in
A magical trip to a fantasy island
It’s our horizon to widen
Our ceiling to heighten
Our mind to enlighten
Our soul to divine in
A time to invite in a moment of silence

When I pray
I move my feet
& I say thank you for the sound when I hear that beat
It brings me closer
To who I am
& all I’m supposed to be right now is a giving man
& serve you water
From the living well
To help another get out of their hell
Gotta give a little piece of yourself &

Make love. Make love.
Yeah, we can help each other