Make A Name – Elijah The Boy

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All by myself all by myself that’s how I like it
It’s already written so don’t you go and try to fight it
My denim is blue so I just had to white Nike it
If they want the smoke then bring em here so I can light it
Cause we ain’t running
Line em up one by one so I could pick em off
Cuban ring so they can see it when I flick em off
Yah be tough on the computer yah be clicking off
And I could name all of the rappers yah be ripping off
Oh my fault my man I’m making it hot
Your btch get excited every time I walk in the spot Ana all of my niggas hood so trust me nigga we good even if we fck around and take precaution or not
All this struggle gave me all this ambition
That’s the reason why I brag how all my diamonds be glisning
Plus I’m stupid with the flows and melodies and all hooks nigga would think I spent my spare time fishing
know they see me on the up and up
Nggas hit my phone they want to know what’s really up with us Told them that it’s ONI Told them that we ride or die Do it for my brothers don’t you ever think it’s only I Ever think it’s only me When they see the way I’m living they like OMG Used to pray to make it man I put that on my rosery Know a couple models that would love to get a hold of me Fcked them all together had them singing like they jodeci
Yeah I’m braggadocious
And all your btches they be looking like a pack of roaches And I’m a break threw every door every time it closes Cause we done worked too many nights to never get our roses Ugh Going crazy in the city And pour me up a glass I’m getting wavy in the city Could never fck around and try to play me bitch really
Know that money stole my heart first time I saw a milly
Knew I had to have it
Sht you nggas pay in rent they pay me for an adlib
I be outside by myself cause trust a ngga valid My lil baby drive me crazy she be so dramatic But I’ll never put her asahd word to dj Khaled Coming back with another one All them gun shots we ain’t running from No I aint a father but I swear I could really see my son in em That’s why every time I be sonning em Swear to god these nggas really my seed
Got my foot on all they necks and I aint letting em breath
Ones that said I’ll never make it now is asking the fee
What’s the price for ones that never believed
A fck you with extra commas on it I got my diamonds on it She say I’m handsome and she love the way I’m rhyming on it I bet this presidential Rollie put the timing on it That i could body any rapper show me my opponent BTCH


Just a young ngga going up// They ain’t never show me love but I aint never give a fck
If you liking what you heard then you going love what’s in the tuck for real