Like the Grinch – Gucci Mane

Letra da Música Like the Grinch. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Gucci Mane.

Like the Grinch, I woke up and chose violence
I got your whole label deal in one diamond
Y’all ’bout to make me bring my chopper out retirement
I’m from the six, I’m just a product of my environment
I’m the trap president, I’m not Biden
And all my niggas never slippin’, but we slidin’
A nigga try to be me, but keep tryin’
I fall off when a pig starts flyin’
I sell the dope before the dope stop dryin’
I won’t stop supplyin’ til they stop buyin’
My lil’ boy ain’t evеn one, but he a giant
And for his birthday I might buy him a lion (Wop)

Like thе Grinch
It’s Wop (J. White, I need a beat I can go off on, ooh)

I’m Mr. Claus of givin’ bricks out on consignment
I feel like Daniel, you can throw me in the lion’s den
My country boy, he on the way, he want another ten
I had to cook the dope again, give it another spin
I’m like the local barbershop, I gotta shave ’em
And then I put ’em back together then I tape ’em
I’m at the brick factory, this where I made them
I got ’em in the oven now, I had to bake ’em
I had to pay a couple men to help me rake it in
Got cameras watchin’ everything, hope they don’t raid again
The plug just hit me and he say they gon’ be late again
Might have to stretch this shit again, but it’s gettin’ very thin
Some think I [?] East Atlanta, I can’t understand
Don’t try to be no [?] ’cause they’ll cut off your hand
I know the Bible say you should not kill another man
But I can’t let no other nigga get the upper hand (It’s Gucci)

Like the Grinch
It’s Wop