It’s True – Mojjo, Alternative Kasual

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Everyone knows you, talks all about you, standing out from the crowd
Making all the girls laugh, I don’t like that, cause I think you’re too proud
Come to your boys house, what’s this all about, you don’t look too good you don’t
If this ain’t a disco, I say let’s go, cause I want to clear my thoughts,
Sitting on the sofa, Jack and cola another girl around your arm
Looking at me but maybe I’ll leave, you ask me to go outside I do

My mind stops
Got me running around running around
My arms drop
Got me feeling so unnatural
I say, can’t feel my face when I’m with you, it’s true
My heart jumps
Am I ever gonna sleep again
My friends are drunk
We’ll regret this in the morning
I say Can’t feel my face when I’m With you and it’s true

You look l…