I Would Keep Goin – Big Scarr

Letra da música I Would Keep Goin. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Big Scarr.

Woah, woah (Woah)
We the gang (We the gang)
Frozone (frozone)
Let’s go (Go), woah
Woah, woah, woah, woah

Woah, woah (Woah), I’s gotta kill you
I ain’t got no heart or no feelings, can’t feel you (Nope)
Smokin’ an opp, baby boo smell like mildew (Yeah)
Cartier watch on my arm give me chills (Let’s go)
Flawless, might smash, spent a house on the grill (Blrrd)
Better suit up or you go on a drill (What they do?)
If I shit every time like I got diarrhea (Woah, woah)
Oversea gun sound like boast my career
COVID can’t touch me, I keep crackin’ seals (I keep crackin’ seals)
Laser beam, goin’ four thousand, two liters
Girl, I ain’t gon’ move with your bitch in the street (Your bitch in the street)
“We should do niggas,” said hеr, she a keeper (She a keepеr)
.30 sneaker and a go-run-me, illegal (Illegal)
Missile go, gun that bitch, come with no cereal (Come with no cereal, blrrd)
Shiesty, me, and five boys smoke, you can’t clear it up (Can’t clear it up)
Talkin’ to 12 only time you book, bearin’ up (Bearin’ up)
Dressin’ out black with that MAC with that brrr (Turn it up)
Hit from the back, off the Add’, got her tearin’ up (No)
They know I won’t buy if I can’t make a profit (Uh-uh)
Ain’t gotta rap, I got boes, live exotic (Nah)
Still in the hood with ’em racks in my pocket (Racks in my pocket)
Broke niggas always make me and my choppa run (Woah)
Ride with two feelings (Woah, woah), they itchin’ for body (Bitch)
Like they get the sky, he took off like a rocket (Yoom)
Dressed down my drip everyday, check the collar (Check the collar)
Can’t leave ’em off like I two-used the bottom (Two-used the bottom)
Shooters pull up out ’em pounds, it’s salty (Woah)
Check up the .38, keep a revolver (Keep a revolver)
Mud in my cup, ho, I’m straight on the vodka (Yes)
Mud in my cup, I move slow like a toddler (Blrrd)
Mud in my cup, I move slow like a, mud in my, woah
Tryna, stuck, I think I’m goin’ too far
Try escape, back of the cur’, that Lamar (Yeah, yo)
No kiddin’, no payin’, this shit out the top (Up the shot)
Ain’t been to school, I was stealin’ the car (Stealin’ the car)
I want ’em bare hand, don’t give me the drop (No drop)
She use no hands when she givin’ me top (Me top)
Ridin’ ’round ’round the town with my hand on the Glock (On the Glock)
Niggas want beef and they broke, need to stop (Woah)
Gu-Gu-Gucci my shoe just to match with the socks (Socks)
Blow a thousand, a bill when I walk, you just stall (When I walk in)
Shot the AR, knocked the door off the car (Off the car)
Bitch, your house cotton, no, and this lil’ baby ball (Lil’ baby ball)
Pick many Perc’, mega freak act retarded (Oh, nah)
Duckin’ from charges, man, ridin’ ’round in a Charger (Charger)
You a bitch, but you poppin’, so they disregard (They love man)
They don’t care, it’s a kid, if you don’t hit your target (Woah)
Designer clothes and I’m over AirPods (No more)
No more Balmain, bitch, I’m East, act unlawful (No more)
We not a shooter, take him off your roster (Yeah)
Yeah, and these hitters, they call me like Shaul (Like roster, like Shaul)
Splash (Splash), splash (Splash), they come in like Shaul

Let’s go (Let’s go), let’s go (Let’s go), bitch
Woah, frozone (Woah), frozone, frozone, frozone
Hahaha, ayy, this freestyle, this shit on top of the year
You niggas ain’t seen me
Let’s go (Let’s go), let’s go, let’s go, let’s go (Let’s go), haha (No cap)
Ayy, you niggas, it’s crazy like that (No cap), drop my, hahahahaha (Drop my)