Holy Feeling – Greyson Chance

Letra da música Holy Feeling. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Greyson Chance.

Your body is here but your eyes are wandering off
In the cracks of the ceiling, I’m wondering where you are
While I’m getting lost, in the soft light under your skin
I’m waiting for you to give up and let me in

So what do you need?
Holy feeling
The type your God can’t give you and it brings you to your knees
So give into me
Holy feeling
The type your God can’t give you but baby I would be willing

You can wait another year, another 5, another 10, another night
You can stay in your books and the old songs up in your mind
But I’ll never settle ’til my lungs cave in on my heart
No, the timing’s never right but don’t hesitate to fall in my arms

You’re the only thing who makes me feel as if I’ve had enough
You’re the only thing who stands between the waves we could become
You’re the only thing, you’re the only thing
Oh I’m willing