Happy Hour – Felix Cartal x Kiiara

Letra da música Can’t Help Falling In Love. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Ice Nine Kills.

I’m in, I’m in too deep
Can’t keep my head above water
It’s hard to breathe
Drowning, falling beneath
I think I need a minute or I’ll
Run out of speed

Every night I’m searching for something new
How I’m gonna get through
Every face reminds me of you
Ah, ah

We waste our nights, from light to dark sides
Like every hour, is happy hour,
We’re lost, not found, we’re all crashing down
When every hour, is happy hour
(It’s Happy Hour x2)

Hold me, hold me tonight
It’s the last thing I remember
It’s slowly dyin’
You made me feel alive, Every second spent together, Was satisfyin’