Flexed Up – Annoying

Letra da música Flexed Up. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Annoying.

Aye, flexed up, running checks up , everybody tryna tell me im next up yeah(x3)

Baby tell me where you really tryna go,
I can take you anywhere around the globe,
we can fly out to Brazil and hit the coast,
when it comes to money girl I spend the most, (spend the what!?)
especially on you, when you rich as me you do what you want to
I jus called some baddies and I told em slide thru
n love to hate but cant do what i do, its true
im jus sayin, youtube payin, I got bands inside the bank
and trust me i aint playin, the way i charge up on these niggas feel like super saiyan, so baby go ahead and choose cause you know I wont lose and im..

Watch your mouth for your bitch end up on my hitlist, f* my ex b* man you really aint sh** they aint lie once you at the top they really gon switch(x2)
you werent there n** you were scared nigga, if you would’ve stayed down woulda had your share n* and im ballin on these n* like im, lar’ nigga(x2)
I told shorty you cant see me these aint cz’s diamonds shining in all 3d’s these are vv’s told her i was gonna glo, now she wanna switch, now that im up, dont you forget that im…