Fate – Soap.

Letra da música Fate. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Soap..

Hopping and skipping these suckas
I stay in the cut with the ruckus
I ruin your rules
Hot at the end of the summer we still in them streets
With the running I’m killing it cool
I could see life as a burden sometimes
But the suit and the ties know they want that for us
Imma go fk up your function for nothing
But ducking and blowin me off I was young

Had ten packs in the taxi
Steady living all these bad deeds
Let the nothing come and take me
Cause that fate attractive wait til they see

Ain’t taking no service from nobody off
Dripping in hatred I’m talking to god
Sipping on pain if my stomach could talk
It’d be fking me up and then leavin tomorrow

Every women that I’ve ever loved
Dying days so why give a fuck
Did it to myself cause all that I assume is
I am nothing more than a distraction from
They self

So I stay alone
Dealing with dilemmas and I’m penning up a code
I will give it all until the end flying ghost
They could never stop me no matter what I was on

Prove that to myself
When I lose my health
Back with a story got more under belt
Beat get the gore why they glorifying drugs
I was on the bus while the kids made fun

Well I proved them wrong and now they on my d*ck
Your mood dishonest know you lowkey pissed
Not dead in a gutter ‘stead bread and the butter
Been telling my story and checking my mix