Fallin’ Apart – Young Franco

Letra da música Fallin’ Apart. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Young Franco.

He say, she say (Ayy)
Never been concerned about the “He say,” “She say”

Young Filipe
Never been concerned about the “He say,” “She say”
Look inside my bank account, you see it’s my b-day
Everyday all day but I do not eat cake and I do not see hate
Stink meaner, my demeanour with a Nina
Señoritas wanna meet me at the Catalina
Wine mixer, mix it up with my elixir
Overlookin’ the ocean, I’m hopin’ I see flipper
Young Filipe movin’ like it’s GTA
But not CJ, more like Tommy, Cobby, facts
Spacey nigga, you can call me Drax when
Every fucking track and you know it’s ’bout to slap, uh

Dreams are fallin’ apart
Life is getting so bad

(Oh yeah)
In the night, I
Won’t stop feelin’ good, so I (Uh)

Turn up, said they want fire, let it burn up
Tryna break my habits but some days I gotta burn them
Got your girl hooked off the truth, no Sojourner
You know I’m Ja Rule with the pi-ink murder, so
I was writin’ ’bout tomorrow, what today call
Throwin’ curves at a nigga, no baseball
We work through it, hashtag no days off
Feelin’ high, feelin’ blessed, no Based God
Dudes hatin’ on my lines, no eight balls
But I got dope in my quo speech napalm
So before you wanna ride, check your breaks
Y’all on very thin ice with some really cheap skates
Margarita, no food, we do very cheap dates
Don’t give me bad mood but the head mad great, uh
What’s in my wallet?
The keys to they heart is in deposit

Dreams, I’m fallin’ apart
Life is getting so bad