Everything Matters – Aurora Feat. Pomme

Letra da Música Everything Matters. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Aurora.

I’m driving your car with you
Sleeping in the seat next to me
Like a baby
You twist and you turn
You are traveling fast
Like a bird in a dream

Look at it go
Look at it dance
Over the sky
Like a rocket
A love machine
A cinematic dream
So pure
And it hurts
When the beauty
Is lost in the speed
Cause everything matters
To me

You are part of the dawn
Where the light comes from the dark
You’re a part of the morning
And everything matters
Here we are
An atom and a star
You’re a part of the movement
And everything matters
To me

I’m watching a storm turn into form
In the clouds of the world
Like a burst
It dances and it twirls
On the top of the world
It is good and it hurts

Look at it go
Look at it dance
Over the sky
Like a rocket
A teacher
A simulated dream
A cure
A cure for the hurt
And the pleasure you feel
Is real

Quelque part avant l’aube
Quand la lumière veut nous voir
Quelque part dans le monde
Un oiseau s’endort sans bruit
Toi et moi
Dans la nuit on trouvera
Quelque part où déposer
Les fleurs qu’on a cueillies