Daydream Interlude – Mariah Carey

Letra da música Daydream Interlude. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Mariah Carey.

So sweet
In my daydream
Every night you creep into my dreams
It’s so deep but it’s a fantasyEvery night you creep into my dreams
It’s so real
In my daydream (it’s just a sweet)
It’s just a sweet
And, in my daydream
It seems so real
You touch meCome into my dreams
Come to me
But it’s just a fantasy
It feels so sweet
But it’s just a dream
Oh baby
It’s just a sweet fantasyDaydream is all that I can do
I feel rapture over youIn silence I keep it to myself
Come take me
Don’t want nobody elseAnd it’s sweet
So sweetYou’re like a candlelight
Burning in the sky
But it’s just a fantasy
Oh baby
Come into my dreams
Its just a fantasy