Cyclorama – Kemme

Letra da música Cyclorama. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Kemme.

You won’t ever love another
But you’ll wish you would

And I’m all like, “that’s never happened before,”
Got you by your manhood
You’ve been waiting for that unsung melody
To drag you to hell with me

Just give me two weeks,
Your world dismissed
Because I’m the steak dinner
And you’re the garnish

Siren casting bait
If you can hear me, it’s too late
Nineteen year old hate
If you can hear me, it’s too late

~Kiss the Girls~
Kiss the girls
‘Cause this love’s a fucking curse
Don’t matter that you’re sorry
‘Cause I loved you first

Bathed you in tears
For my twenty first
I loved you in silence
You loved me worst

This love’s a curse (x2)
I loved you in silence
But you loved me worst

Ooh, what can I do?
I’ve played your games
But I’m still losing you

~Too Deep~
My heart,
Ambushed by all that’s you
But it’s all love

Two become one on the tiled floor
Where the water runs

I’m in too deep
Voicemails belong me,
Furnish the space in between

I’m in too deep
I’m in too deep
(I let him become a part of me)

Twin sized
Aching to stay awake
In the late night

All for
One more minute by your side

I’m in too deep
Deep black sea
And my heart might break
For the love of we

I let him become a part of me
I’m in too deep
(repeat until you can’t)