Cry Baby – Missio

Letra da música Cry Baby. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Missio.

We are human. We are strong. Willing flowers blooming alone.
Hate is hate & love is love. I don’t know why we can’t rise above.
I think about you in the day wishing our pasts would just fade away.
Sarcastic smiles die slow with truth. I’m over this and I’m over you.

I’m not a bad a guy, but I like to get high and I say what I wanna.
I’m just a sad lie and I’m normally shy.
Shouldn’t say it, but I’m gonna.

Go on…
Cry baby, cry.
Go on…
Move baby, move.
Go on…
Cry baby, cry.
I don’t give a fuck.

Why do you think I offend? I tell the truth and I never pretend.
If it hurts you that’s alright. I’ve hurt a lot, no need for your insight.
I am human. I am strong. I think it’s time that we both move along.
Don’t want you here another day. Rest in peace there’s nothing left to say.

Cry baby, Paul Wall baby
Give a fuck about none of y’all hoes
Solo one deep gettin’ blowed
Grind mode it’s a lonely road
Hot boy in a world so cold
Frontline the haters getting bold
And honestly it really blows
I’m tryin’ to do me and grow
Integrity I live by a code, carry the load
Remain solid, don’t sell ya soul
They takin’ pictures ’cause they mostly pose
Paper stack, ’cause i’ll never fold
No matter what I do they scold
No matter what I stay on my toes
Roll the blunt up, then I roll
Keep ya thoughts to yourself I was told
And keep all emotions on hold.

Lord knows, my mind numb
These fake people like pond scum
Say the wrong thing you get shunned
Stand up for what’s right we don’t run
So I walk to the beat of my own drum
Pop the trunk like you poppin’ gum
If you got a problem then come and get some
Got a problem come and get some.