Close to Me – Mojjo, Dansest00:00

Letra da música Close To Me. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas de Mojjo, Danset.

If you look back
In my heart
You’ll find a safe place
you wont fall apart
Keep iT real
Right From the start
You might feel lost
But I’ll find your heart

Let’s sing cuz it sets us free
Come dance if you feel the beat
Don’t leave let me feel you close to me

Why don’t you follow my directions
Give me your affection
I won’t let you fall apart

Slide all night by my side
keep the dark clouds behind
I’ll Keep your vibe out of the dark

You’ll love that
love it all all all
As I want that
Let me be your number one

Let me know what you want
Get money look honey
Keep it cool
Don’t go trying to find another one
Hold on We can have it on and on
No don’t
keep this feeling on the low
If you dont try you ll never know
Oh oh
If you dont try you ll never know

I don’t want it like that
Don’t loose it like that
Show me what you’ve got
Let me be your number one