Circles – Megan Thee Stallion

Letra da música Circles. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Megan Thee Stallion.

Cut the noise
We ain’t going back and forth with the lil boys
Ima February baby Ima big flirt
I gotta give a na space when his feelings hurt Aye cut the st I ain’t going back and forth with a broke bh
Jawbreaker I ain’t fing with the sucka st
If I cut her off then I mean it and it’s f**k a b

The more I ignore you the more you adore me
Crazy ass nas need to come with a warning Is he crazy bout me or he just crazy you been tripping lately Na too attached gottem acting like a ty baby Bullet wounds backstabs mama died still sad At war with myself in my head bh it’s Baghdad
New n***a tryna come around and play clean up
My clothes fit right but my heart need a seamstress

1 neva let a na see you sweat 2 neva let a nas come between the check
3 neva let a na turn you against me Cause the dk come and go but I’m riding past E Keep that st player I don’t like getting personal
Treatem like a job when I get him I’m working him
as love treating Instagram like a journal
Just Like my a** n***as talking in a circle

Why nas love to talk down Ion know Like I ain’t keeping all the facts on my phone Like I ain’t got the pictures of you begging for forgiveness I ain’t gotta do the most I know what the real is Ain’t the jealous type please don’t believe the hype You can’t make me mad with some s*t that Ima like Don’t mean to be intrusive but you thinking you exclusive When a party ain’t a party if my bes ain’t included

Why you wanna do the bad bh wrong Bout to make this every bad bh song
Don’t you hate when you hold a na down And he switch up on you and turn out to be a clown I ain’t in my feelings with it Turn around poke it out bh get it get
Turn up on’em make’em kill the noise
We ain’t going back and forth with the lil boys