Can You Feel The Sun – Missio

Letra da música Can You Feel The Sun. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Missio.

Below the willow tree is where I hide the darkest parts of me.They’re hiding underneath the broken lies that I just still believe.

Below the willow tree is where I sit and hate on my enemies. I drown ‘em in my dreams. I think it’s me who needs some humility.

I’m alone here.
Can you feel the sun?
I do, but I can’t see it.
Can you feel the breeze?
I don’t, but I believe it.
I don’t feel safe when I’m not alone.
And I know & I know what you’re thinking…I like it on my own.
But I’ll let you in if you say it’s okay.

Below the willow tree I get hung up on my insecurities.
Rose colored dopamine; my soul feels like it could be make believe.

Below the willow tree I search to find some sense of identity.This weeping willow tree, sits in silence, sheds no tears for me.

I’m alone for sure.
I’m lost to the world.