Break The Silence – April Art

Letra da música Break The Silence. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de April Art.

Silence is killing me
I agree to disagree
I am all alone
Watch me come undone
We’re acting automatic
Everything was too complicated
Now we are so frustrated

Break the silence
Feel it now
Break the silence
Here right now

Follow me like the darkest cloud
Silent but in my head, silent and still too loud
My mind is spinning round and round
Coal-dark and evil like the shades of the underground

Cause your thoughts will never propagate
In the void of space so drop the chain
Break the silence
Stop the pain

‘Cause when I’m falling are you falling down?
So is it better when I’m not around?
Out on the edge of all that’s killing me
So break the silence to be free