Blu-Ray – Lil 2z

Letra da música Blu-Ray. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Lil 2z.

Ayy, you better stay on your ten and stay on your toes
‘Cause some of these snakes don’t rattle
I’m finna go buy some more land, but I hate Uncle Sam
So I’m finna get horses and cattle
I feel like the three hundred Spartans, nigga, no matter what
Nigga, I’m always ready to battle
It’s like I got throwed in that water, I ain’t know how to swim
And I didn’t have a boat or a paddle
Your daddy a ho and your mama a ho
So yeah, lil’ nigga, you a son of a bitch
When I was a youngin, I seen this shit comin’
I kept tellin’ mama we finna be rich
Ain’t no Paid in Full, but these niggas know how I’m comin’
I get to the money like Mitch
Oh, you think ’cause I started rappin’, you ain’t payin’ up?
Boy, you ’bout as dumb as a bitch
I got two wings on my back like an angel
But got two horns on my head like Lucifer
Or when it come down to this beef shit
Nigga think he get stupid, but I get stupider
I just fucked a bitch one time
And she already talkin’ ’bout marriage and want me to move with her
And if you can pull my bitch, you can have that bitch
But you probably don’t know what to do with her
It’s that time of the month for some of these niggas
These pussy-ass niggas finna start catchin’ cramps
It was too dark in that nigga apartment
So we finna light his shit up like a lamp
Ain’t no Wrestlemania, but go’n ‘head, give me that belt
‘Cause nigga, I feel like a champ
And I ain’t never been to the Forbes
But I smoke ‘Woods like I always knew how to count
I be tryna hide my gun, but the clip poke out
Like some toes stickin’ out of a sandal
Ayy, twenty-four shots, it ain’t got no attachment
But it got the F&N stamp on the handle
I’m straight out the jungle, so you know the fur on my jacket
Came straight off the back of a mammal
Ayy, I know a bitch that can suck that dick so good
No teeth, she don’t use no enamel

I know a bitch that can suck that dick so good
No teeth, she don’t use no enamel, oh

Like I untied my shoes, I keep takin’ trips
Them racks in the middle like Roddy and Nip
You can kiss my dick, you can kiss my balls
But look, lil’ bitch, don’t kiss my lips
I know they smellin’ me, they too nosy
It’s Friday, I’m tryna get high like Smokey
I’m feelin’ like MJ holdin’ the trophy
I been in my bag like a whole lot of groceries
That struggle and hustle shit, that’s what made me
Never in my life will this rap shit change me
Beat by Milan, but it hit like Tay Keith
I’m goin’ hard in LA like AD
Get the gas from LA, get the stick from the cholo
I’m showin’ my ass like I’m droppin’ my Polos
If a nigga bitch up, then I’m doin’ it solo
These hoes always leave and come back like a yoyo
Instagram got broke niggas lookin’ like Diddy
Instagram got ugly hoes thinkin’ they pretty
Go clean out the toilet, ’cause I left it shitty
This beat kinda hard like some fake-ass titties
Got a bitch real short, but she got a deep throat
Had to earn my bucks, nigga, no free throw
Bitch said I’m a jackass, no Steve-O
And we own our cars, nigga, no repo
At grandma house prayin’ to Guadalupe
And I’m in your neighborhood, nigga, no 2K
Counted my first hundred, then I said hooray
If my life was a movie, it’d be Blu-ray

(Damn, cook that bitch up, Milan)