Barefoot – Guardin

Letra da música Barefoot. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Guardin.

hey you
why you mad at me?
i’ve been falin’ backwards runnin’ barefoot through the leaves
i could bite my tongue until i really gotta leave
if the issue isn’t settled why you settlin’ for me?
hey you
whatchu wanna be?
i remember back when i was sleeping with no sheets
back when we were struggling off 89 a week
when the habits i possessed was partially possessing me
when the root of all my problems disappeared inside the green
and i was acting like i gave a fuck but no one fucked with me
when the busses to the 6 were all i had just to be free
i got a passport for that bitch but but now i travel overseas

yeah it’s been a couple years but honestly it’s all i see
when i close my eyes & reminisce this shit is just a dream
guess i really overcame a lot & now i’ve come to see
all the work i’ve put into it paying off by 23
thought i’d never live to tell but now i’m tellin how it be
when you overcome the obstacles & turn into a g
you could a. run for cover are you ready for the heat?
self destruct until i feel like anyone but me
you could be anything that you desire whatchu seek?
i’ve been plotting on this shit for years since i was seventeen
never felt like i could do it the depression come in sweeps
i put my headphones on & spit some shit until i fall asleep

back in 2017 i plotted out my death
tied a noose inside my closet drew a target on my chest
if you think this shits a gimmick you can put it to the test
check my browser history for all the answers be my guest
googled “how to kill myself” but every option involved pain
every forum full of isolated kids that feel the same
saying they would end their lives in hopes of ridding all the shame
it’s much easier to talk about when no one knows your name
it’s hilarious how motherfuckers profit off an act
you ain’t ever put the blade against your skin and that’s a fact
you’re bewildered by the concept of a struggle so you cap
yeah my eyes are fixed upon you & i’m ready to attack
guess this is a wrap
fuck you & your homies all the shit you do is whack
this ain’t no specific diss it’s simply a smack
in the face of all these influencers actin like they sad