Ashes – Bones

Letra da música Ashes. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Bones.

I keep the weapon on my dick say for your bitch, that’s a fact
Since I died I broke my mind now I can never go back
Keep it tricky, like double SX, I keep my bitches intact
That .45 stay within reach, I put six shots in your back
Pop the arches watch me rock it to my zone, I’m a rocket
Then I’ma roll it, no stoppin’
I got that dope in my pocket
I got that ana inside of me
Know the reaper be proud of me
Got my beeper beeping off the hook
Your bitch, she be watchin’ me
I don’t blame her though (Though)
I keep that blammer low (Low)
My wrist is frostbit (Bit)
My neck is ten below (What?)
It’s the return of the pimp, I keep a clip in if they trippin’
They can dish it but can’t takе it, they fake it, that’s wherе we differ
I think I just want what’s missin’, I fix it up then I break it
My mind is made up of hate now your body is in a vacant
I really gotta go, your money running low
Running on empty, never gonna be me, oh, it ain’t what I know