Alter Ego – Duke Dumont Feat. Channel Tres

Letra da Música Alter Ego. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Duke Dumont.

[Aw shit, I like how people just like pull up with house music beats
That shit be cool
You said what?
The Duke? How’d you come up with that name?
How’d you come up with that name?
I do wanna know
Is it some crazy shit?] [Oh shit
I got a alter ego, god damn
Channel Tres
My shit be cool
I try and get people’s asses moving and shit
That shit be funny
I came up with that name a long time
That shit was crazy
Damn the base is hard on this motherfucker]

Alter Ego
I like that shit that shit hard

Alter Ego

Expensive shoes Expensive Pants
Grab that shit I wanna dance
Alter Ego

I poppin’ benz you dont understand
I see, yo she actin like a stan
Alter Ego

Call my name i might show up
My whip got dates and I don’t give a fuck
Alter Ego

Straight pill poppin, they talkin
Your boy turn around, she flockin’
Alter ego

Alter Ego x6

Got my furr on, get my flirt on
You better not cap me off
Alter Ego

I see you callin’
You my destination
Got the drink for the preparation
Alter Ego

I’m on ether, love my tank
We get commas and we break the bank
Alter Ego

She don’t understand
Make that ass make band
Slidin’ down the pole
Alter Ego

Alter Ego x7

[I like that shit that shit hard]

Alter Ego x3