Alpha House/Bando – Knucks

Letra da Música Alpha House/Bando. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Knucks.

Young bull at the top of the block wid the white front door in the corner subtle
Kool But he always in trouble
Why you think his bredrins called him knuckles 10 years old in beef
Dad think Streets taking over me
mumsy praying for me but there ain’t enough beads on the rosary
Raised by the wolves from young n still in the jungle like mowgli
always up front when the olders speak
So was never as dumb as Ones sposed to
2’sin a spliff by the lift It be what it be n it is what it is
They said if I tried it they whiling n kickin my shit
Cos it Isn’t for kids
4th floors where my ting woulda lived
If her fam never moved out to Harrow
Her Dad was a pastor n Marge was parrow I’d take her daughter off the calm n narrow Yout with the peppercorns Yh
I know
It’s seems kinda deep but they thoughts was shallow
Spent my whole life on the market as the target that they point they arrows
Control it then pass it to paolo
Young kick abouts on Albert road
Coach said come down to trials cos I coulda scouted but I was at home
Or I was outside wid homies
If only I could of advised me no
But Even if I was down n out
I’d still come back to alpha house

I just made a banger I’m like where the scales
Finna weigh it befor I make the sale
Told me take a day off I said LOL
All this music ain’t gone sell itself
Mummy sayin I should get a girl
Tho I did shit with Yvette that I can never tell
And her man is wet that’s what she said herself
It’s kinda funny cos she said she wet aswell
But I can never bring her to my bando
Handle all business in my bando
Made this one last year but it bangs tho
Have it cuttin through ya ear like it’s Van Gogh Yo
Business ain’t cheap I need 2 phones
Mandem ringing me for beats
like I move dro
Same day I made my loot i got a new stove
Whippin up these riddims leave the booth smoked

I just made a yah yah
Uh huh?
Ah ha
Mandem only bore me with they rah rah
You can ask Maury I’m they father

Mandem risk they life for a shiny belt
Sleep in ysl but they lie aswell I can never tell a lie to my clientele
That’s why they trust me with their time when we buy n sell
Been ages since we came out as the new guys
Used to sling out the production just for 2 5
Cant give the assumption that I’m Too nice
Must be buggin I ain’t budgin on the new price
Oo my
I did it cos I had to
When the buiness turn to problems what them man do
Know his runnin like he had flu
Know you’ll catch the cold when they point it at you
But I can never bring em to my bando
Handle all my business in the bando
Ima need some
Rubbers for the bankroll
Mummy questioning the money that I brang home