48 Bars Part 6 – Pak-Man

Letra da música 48 Bars Part 6. Acesse as músicas mais tocadas e lançamentos de Pak-Man.

Really pulling strings, gotta get mine
Always meet a deadline
Them boys ain’t trappers, they’ve got a dead line
Flying up the M5, one-fifty in the M5
Friends robbing friends, what’s your ends like?
Young G stacked a forty on a pedal bike
Forty for a brick, get you shot for a brick of white
Big drip, wrist lit, cash money, hella ice
I can feel the force like a Jedi Knight
Snakes in the grass, had to sever ties
Nearly died at twenty-five, tryna get my cheddar right
Hands in many pies, make sure I get a slice
I need everything for a better price
Girls feel my aura when they see a baller
Took her number, didn’t even call her
I was a young yute in some Diadora
Now my wrist’s like Fiji water
Girls witness the litness, I came through wrist wet
Never had a record deal, waiting on a big cheque
Big smoke, big money, I might buy a crib next
Hundred bag depot, it better be a freehold
I don’t want a cheap home, fly like mosquitoes
Keep a piece like Moschino
Used to trap till five in the morning, ask Kico